Remedy drive show at sbumc

Had a great time tonight with remedy drive and Stevie Rene Hicks Advertisements

Learn this to change the world: Big Solutions REQUIRE a really big question first.

I attended TEDxAustin this past weekend, and I really enjoyed and was inspired by all the people that came on the stage and how powerfully they we changing the world for the better. They say… Continue reading

The running shoes of romance.

10,000 times in a row So I was shopping for shoes the other day, and while I was sitting there waiting for the sales person to return from the back with a set… Continue reading

My Take: Let Lennon be Lennon and forget Cee Lo Green – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

via I was not at home watching the Ball drop, so I did not catch this live. here is the nutshell of the “controversy”: “Instead of “Nothing to kill or die for,… Continue reading

Teach the youth: Ask a Better Question.

Years and Years ago, I got the Tony Robbins series Personal Power. And one of the things that has always stuck with me during the interveining 15 or so years is the idea… Continue reading

What happens when the church isn’t a place?

Story from Andy Root (highly paraphrased I am sure): “I asked my son what he wanted to do with his birthday money, and he said he wanted to go to the store, I… Continue reading

Where is God when..

I have a quick thought I wanted to put out there. We had a lively conversation in Sunday School this past weekend, and it is probably one that most of you have heard… Continue reading

The Best Church in all of DFW is..

The reason for this post is two fold. First I have spent and awful lot of time this summer, going to as many different churches around the Dallas Fort Worth area as I… Continue reading

Science is..

This post is something I have been kicking around in my head for maybe a year. What is the purpose of science? Think about that for a minute. Why do people do science?… Continue reading

Would you pass out money in the offering plate? The church I attended this morning did. Read the details.

The Music: The music ended up being really good. The sound mix was pretty horrible where I was sitting, but is was in the deaf interpreted section, so I don’t know what it… Continue reading