Buzzword Free youth ministry

At some point in the past week, my wife and I started trying to catalog all the different “flavor of the month” type ministry crazes we have seen come and go, or more… Continue reading

Good background for the lesson wednesday night

I mentioned last wednesday that we were going to cover some of the areas that Rob Bell dove into in his book love wins on Wednesday nights for a few weeks. Here is… Continue reading

Leading atheist publishes secular Bible – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

Decades after he started asking such questions, what Grayling calls “a lifetime’s work” has hit bookshelves. “The Good Book: A Humanist Bible,” subtitled “A Secular Bible” in the United Kingdom, was published this month.… Continue reading

What will be left of your youth ministry in 10 years.. it depends, do you live in Texas?

In 5 to 10 years, you will either be experinecing a graying of your community population to the point that youth ministry will be at record lows, OR you may have the largest… Continue reading

Youth development science talk: TEDxAustin: Dr. Lionel Tiger

Are we doing a good job raising boys in our culture, or have we gotten something seriously wrong? This TED talk covers that ground and was one of the more thought provoking presentations… Continue reading

Inspirational talk:TEDxAustin Gilbert Tuhabonye 2011

I had a chance to attend TEDxAustin several weeks ago. All the session videos are now up online. There were several that were very interesting and talked to the youth ministry side of… Continue reading

Gotta love my dad: Jesus toaster in stock :)

From his facebook post: “Our new daily bread toaster, only $30 Free Shipping LIMITED QUANTITIES order fast call us (937) 609-28[oh six]” (number edited to prevent robot spam.  

Jamaica Diaries: Coming home

The video for this turned out pretty amazing, so this will be a pretty short blog post text wise. The team has completed their attempt at being tourists, and now it is time… Continue reading

Wondering if you should come out to the Garage sale tomorrow?

Check out these sneak peeks..

Jamaica Diaries: Trying to be normal tourists.

I will be honest – I am a pretty picky eater, and I wasn’t crazy about all of the food that we had been served at camp. So for me the thought of… Continue reading