Love and Hate in the news.

I have seen a lot of items in the news that give me real pause. I want to share a few of these links that have really got my brain percolating.  I am… Continue reading

frontline: merchants of cool: watch the full program | PBS

View here in full this 53 minute FRONTLINE program divided into consecutive segments. You’ll need Windows Media or RealPlayer to watch. Due to heavy demand video may not always be available due to… Continue reading

Youth Talk resources: The Techniques of Marketing and Media

I gave a talk in October 2008 about the various ways media can be edited and constructed in order to create emotion and desire with in the viewer. Given the amount of media… Continue reading

Really good read >> Rev. Jonathan Weyer: Rob Bell vs. John Piper: Do We Have to Choose?

This past Saturday, a new controversy erupted between two sides of the evangelical Christian world represented by pastoral super stars, Rob Bell and John Piper. The controversy swirls around Bell’s new book, Love… Continue reading

Travel guide helped African-Americans navigate tricky times

via This is a great article from CNN. We discussed in our small group Wednesday the current status of racism and discrimination in the world. This article really hits home for me,… Continue reading

Jamaica Diaries: How to Say goodbye after an emotional mission trip

Saying good bye Saying goodbye is a critical part of having a successful mission trip.  It is a well documented phenomena that people can come back from mission trips and feel a huge… Continue reading

Trinity valentines dinner

I cant think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We raised over $4000 for youth mission trips, and all enjoyed super meal and some awesome entertainment. A big thanks to all… Continue reading

Do you do a better job of keeping track of people than Myspace? 6 tips to improve your follow through.

You’ve got fail I got this email from myspace yesterday saying that they had missed me. which is nice I guess.. there is nothing wrong with the sentiment, but the timing was what… Continue reading

ComScore Says You Don’t Got Mail: Web Email Usage Declines, 59% Among Teens!

via If you work with youth, you probably already know this.. but perhaps your senior pastor doesn’t. Youth don’t do email. or voice calls.. Text? yes.. more than 3000 per month on… Continue reading

VIDEO: What would fishes and loaves have looked like? –>Egypt’s government meets opposition as protests continue

via This video from Tahir Square reminds me of what the fishes and loaves story must have looked like. pretty interesting to see what it takes to pass out food and drink… Continue reading