Some thoughts on Sandy Hook.

Like most of you the last couple of days have given me a lot of stuff to process. Here are some of those thoughts, in no particular order, not necessarily finished. but hopefully… Continue reading

The Congregation, the least used church asset?

I worked in a large company for the better part of the decade and was a hiring manager for many of those years. At one point I was part of a hiring process… Continue reading

Cheapening the Church « United Methodeviations

letting McDonald’s and Wal-Mart teach us how to set up a money-changers franchise in the temple.  We have been doing it constantly since the 1960s.  How’s that workin’ out for us…? via This is… Continue reading

“Being a Methodist is Easy, you don’t have to be all Perfect”

Overheard The title kind of tells the story. I was recently at a sporting event, and happened to be within earshot of one of those people that have a “whispering volume” louder than… Continue reading

Moneyball and the Church, New BFFs?

The following post of mine just appeared over at Youth Worker Movements blog: In my last post I wrote about what I think is a critical flaw in the approach that Vital Congregations used in… Continue reading

Are Vital Congregation Metrics DOA with one word?

I was reading through the Call to Action, or maybe some other code word for a report that was on the vitalcongregations website a few months back, and something struck me as I… Continue reading

Are All Church Visitors Equal?

I saw a post yesterday where the two most important areas fo the church to all visitors were identified. 1. The Nursery 2. The Bathroom I had half jokingly asked, “Are those the… Continue reading

So my church was hit by a tornando yesterday..

Truth be told, that second paragraph and photo library by itself is a pretty solid blog post by themselves. I however think that this impact to our building will allow us to do… Continue reading

RIP the Church Building

I woke up with a ton of thoughts in this area, and wanted to try and capture some of them. 1. I think there is a big split coming in the way most… Continue reading

UTA Wesley house fund raiser

Photos from the chilli cookoff fundraiser held at first UMC Arlington