The running shoes of romance.

10,000 times in a row

So I was shopping for shoes the other day, and while I was sitting there waiting for the sales person to return from the back with a set of shoes closer to my size, I noticed one of the other shoppers. They had already gotten some shoes that seemed to be about right for her. But she kept doing all these CRAZY shoe testing manuevers. run 5 step in place. bend the front of each foot all the way up. bounce on both feet, something that looked like a karate pose. Then she started TAKING LAPS around the store.. at more or less full speed.

About this time the sales person arrived with my shoes.. and noticed the other person performing a shoe  trying on decathalon.. and asked the other shopper “Are they alright?”

The other shopper replied. “I guess, it is tough, I am training for a marathon, and while this feels good” taking about 5 really quick strides in place..”I am trying to figure out if that will fell good if i do it 10,000 times in a row”

Such wise advice. 

And it applies other places to, The most obvious is dating. How many young people do you know, (or even people old enough to know better) will stay in a dating relationship, that is not great, but ‘ok’ for far too long. I know at various points in my life I have. 

It may be hard to act on,  but it is ok to break up with someone that is good. Someone that is nice. BUT not perfect for you.

If you picked out a pair of running shoes that had a small defect that irritated your ankle and you didn’t immediately fix it, but just decided to go running. And if half a mile in you started to feel a blister form.. and you still didnt address it.. what do you think would eventually happen? Why do we ignore warning signs like that when dating?

Things that irritate you a little now, like a rock in a shoe, do not become endearing over time, and tend to only become worse. And the longer you let them linger the more damage you can do.

Also, every month you are in a relationship that is not the best you can do, is a month that you dont have with someone where you can both be happy.

So my encouragement is this, don’t waste any more time than you need to in a relationship that isn’t an A+. This is a different rule than one for being married. I will post about that later. But if you are dating, going steady, even engaged. And you realize that this is not a relationship you can wake up to 10,000 times in a row. Then stop it. right now.