Voyage of the dawn treader advance screening #NYWC


Walking through nashville before the first sessions #NYWC

Ran into several north texas folks in the hotel lobby and saw Tic and Mark Matlock in the lobby Starbucks too.

Ready for National youth workers convention and on the plane! #NYWC

About to get in the air, see you all in Nashville.

Sabbath Breakers |

Kristen and I are drawing more and more clear lines around Sunday– the culturally accepted Sabbath day. Our new family rule is: Church activities on Sunday are limited to the worship service and… Continue reading

GroupMe: Help

Group Commands Use these commands in specific groups. #add name phone Follow the “#add” command with a person’s name and phone number to add them to the group. For example, “#add Pat 5551234567”… Continue reading

Is Youth Ministry A Competitive Sport? Part I

Is Youth Ministry A Competitive Sport? Part I “Where is everyone tonight?” “I think a lot of them went over at First Church to their outreach.” “Man, what is going on?” Ever have… Continue reading

What’s next for the iPod guy? – scanned religious tract

via This has a lot of religious references next to Steve Jobs, but its actually not about him.

rites of passage — whyismarko

via This is really interesting. We have had a discussion for a while about how to avoid drop out after confirmation classes. This might not be the answer for you, but it… Continue reading

Insane clown posse: Evangelism via cursing, misogyny, and violence — whyismarko

Insane Clown Posse have this entire time secretly been evangelical Christians. They’ve only been pretending to be brutal and sadistic to trick their fans into believing in God. source ok, here is… Continue reading

Camp Logos took me from know-nothing to advanced

Now, I have a custom layout that shows me four different Bible translations and another that shows me a Bible and commentary side-by-side. Morris also explained that if we get to a point… Continue reading