Band bio page: YACHT △ What is YACHT? “YACHT is not a Religion”

YACHT is not a religion. YACHT aims to provide an alternative to religion, by creating a community which provides long-lasting meaning and value without dogma or submission. We share many things with spiritual groups: we respect ritual, ceremony, and magic. We desire to turn disassociated people into a group capable of summoning upon itself high, transcendent power. However, we believe that traditional religious dogma can, if we are not intellectually engaged with it, hold us in a kind of prison of the mind. We aim to break free, break molds, and impress upon our members the importance of self-empowerment.

Thus, YACHT itself does not partake in any existing organized religion, nor does YACHT believe in God as most define it. In our minds, God is the Universe and all it contains, including us, and you, which makes each individual a member of a vast pantheon of small gods. Each man and woman on this planet has the power to fulfill their role in this pantheon. Which is to say: each man and woman on this planet can control his or her own position on it.

If you have some time to kill, go and parse this one out. They make some cool sonic and AV creations, but I was even more intrigued by what they *think* their mission is.
In my earlier post about information technology revolutions and the responses required from the church, I suspect that we will see more and more of these sort of “spiritual but not religious” points of view being adopted, and promoted.

What do you think?