My Take: How technology could bring down the church – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

The hoopla is entirely justified, since the King James Bible revolutionized Bible reading, bringing Scripture into a common vernacular for the first time for the English-speaking world.

It is not too much to say that the King James Bible – mass produced as it was, thanks to a new technology called the printing press – democratized religion by taking it out of the hands of the clerical few and giving it to the many.

Today, another revolution in Bible reading is underway – one that has nothing to do with gilt-edged paper. If the King James Bible brought the Bible to the English-speaking masses, today’s technology goes a giant step further, making Scripture – in any language and any translation – accessible to anyone on earth with a smartphone.

This matches some of the stuff I have said in the past. The new technology we are seeing will force a revamp of the model we have of church and community. It is still so early in this process, but the next decades will result in a fundamentally new thing IMO. It will be exciting to witness, and very challenging for some.