Jamaica Diaries: Coming home

The video for this turned out pretty amazing, so this will be a pretty short blog post text wise.

The team has completed their attempt at being tourists, and now it is time to finally start thinking about coming home, and all that entails. You can see from the video, that everyone kind of had a different reaction to the thought of coming back from the field. Some were very excited, some were still getting adjusted to the idea, and some were not looking forward to coming back to normal life.

The faces I think really tell the story better than I can, the video is about 4 min long, and I think you will realy like it. 

About the video: I tried to keep this one pretty tightly focued, and wanted to just tell the story of what people were feeling about coming home. There is an intentionally long shot or two in here, where I wanted to try to convey a little bit of the internal struggle going on. I also wanted to have this provide a really nice closure since it is the last video in the series, so I put on a little slide show and thank you message for our sponsors. I hope you have enjoyed these.