Jamaica Diaries: Learning Texan

This is a pretty short post (at leas that’s the plan)

One of the things we enjoyed a lot about our trip was seeing how different people live and getting immersed in their culture. as I mentioned in my earlier post, one of the reasons we picked Jamaica was that they people spoke english.

Well as you may know there is a Jamaica accent, and some phrases that they use that are not common in the US. In fact, when we got to Jamaica, there was a lot of confusion over if they were speaking english at all. Our guides told us on several occasions that certain people would meet were “speaking patwa” which is a creole type dialect, (also spelled patios). But it turns out, that it is mainly based on english, but given the speed of the native speakers, and the amount of accent on even standard english, it took a good two days to get dialed in to where everyone in our group could understand most people the first time through. 

Our hosts were really patient with us during this part, speaking to us more slowly, and in more proper english, until they were sure we could keep up.

Towards the end of the trip, I thought I would check and see how well our team had learned to speak “Jamaican”.. and also how well our hosts had picked up on what a Texas accent sounded. Check out the results:

Footnote, they kind of have the idea that we all have cows and horses.