GroupMe: Help

Group Commands

Use these commands in specific groups.

#add name phone

Follow the “#add” command with a person’s name and phone number to add them to the group. For example, “#add Pat 5551234567” will add the number (555) 123-4567 to the group with the name “Pat”.


Send this command, and we’ll respond with the names and phone numbers of everyone in your group.

#topic topic

This command changes the description of a group — the same topic that your friends will see when they join the group. For example, text “#topic Study Group” to set your group topic to “Study Group.”

#name name

Set your name with this command, so others know who you are. For example, “#name John” will change your name to John.


Use this command to mute and unmute groups. The first time you send it, you will no longer receive messages from this group. When you’re ready to start receiving messages again, just text “#mute” or “#unmute” to begin receiving messages again!

#remove name or number

If you are the creator of a group, send the group “#remove,” with the name or number of the group member you’d like to remove, and we’ll remove them from the group.


This command will automatically remove you from a group.

Global Commands

Use these commands in any GroupMe group.


This command will send you a text with the basic commands you might have forgotten.

#new topic

This command will start a brand new group, with its own unique telephone number. You will receive a text from the new phone number and be able to start adding members and chatting right away!

this is a pretty useful tool if you deal with groups of people that are sub 25 and dont want emails. text based group chat basically.